Prince Charles’ kitchen was taken over by James Martin, who was warned by the royal to “blow our brains off!”


Prince Charles’ kitchen was taken over by James Martin, who was warned by the royal to “blow our brains off!”

In an unreleased video, JAMES MARTIN took over Prince Charles’ kitchen while the prince cheekily took aim at the chef.

James Martin, 49, is no stranger to royal contacts, having met Prince Charles several times in the past. While hosting an event at Clarence House, the Saturday Morning host got the opportunity to take over the Prince of Wales kitchen for an evening.

Cooking for noteworthy people, such as royals and celebrities, can be “awkward,” according to the TV chef.

James was then joined by the Prince of Wales on Saturday Kitchen, where the latter made a cheeky remark.

It comes after the TV chef told the prince ahead of the feast what he planned to serve for him.

“This is Clarence House,” James continued. The residence of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

“I’m about to cook for 40 guests in five hours, including Prince Charles himself and some of Europe’s top chefs.”

“No pressure there, then,” he added.

While James and his culinary staff were preparing the supper, Prince Charles arrived.

The ITV star then turned to the king, assuring him that his favorite dishes are being prepared.

James observed, “We’ve got roasted parsnips.” “And you enjoy roasted potatoes, correct?”

“Yes,” Prince Charles said with a nod. “Crunchy ones.”

“I’ve heard you enjoy crunchy [potatoes],” James said. So I’ll save two crispy ones for you.”

After that, the small-screen celebrity presented the king to another member of his staff who was preparing the roast meat.

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James explained, “He’s creating fresh horseradish sauce.”

While the prince seemed pleased with the dinner, he couldn’t help but caution the cook about the fresh condiment sauce.

“Oh my God,” I exclaimed. In response to the horseradish sauce, Prince Charles remarked, “Well, it will blow our heads off.”

Later in the video, James complimented the prince on his love of cuisine and support for British-made items.

When James was working as a host on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen in 2014, the incident took place.

The Yorkshire-born chef left the show in 2016 and now hosts his own popular cookery show, Saturday Morning.

James said on Twitter that he will be filming new material. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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