Primark has threatened a boycott over sizing, claiming that size 10 customers can’t fit into a size 14.


Primark has threatened a boycott over sizing, claiming that size 10 customers can’t fit into a size 14.

After coming under fire for a pair of shorts it is stocking, PRIMARK has been threatened with a shopper boycott.

Chloe-Mae Anderson-Maguire ordered a pair of size 14 “tapered mom shorts” but couldn’t button them up. The irate customer, who claimed to be a size 10 and refused to try the next size up in protest, was furious.

The 21-year-old was shocked by the fit of the shorts, according to the Manchester Evening News, and resorted to TikTok to express her indignation.

Ms Anderson-Maguire is seen fighting to fit into the shorts in the video, saying, “I’m bloated but yet!” “What the f***, I’m not buying a 16.”

She then shows the camera her front and side views before giving it another shuffle – but it still won’t move.

“What the f*** Primark, I’m a size 10,” the enraged consumer continued.

Ms Anderson-Maguire received a stream of sympathetic responses about her ordeal when she posted the video in June.

“It is a significant issue that businesses vary their sizes so much since we don’t know what size we are and promote body dysmorphia and eating disorders to many people,” she commented in response to the messages.

“I just think there should be standards, and we should be able to go into a store and know that a piece of clothing fits – or is near to fitting – rather than having to pick up various sizes and hope one fits.”

Some people had had similar mis-sizing experiences and agreed that it had happened to them before.

“I got a pair of size 16 trousers that are the same size as my New Look size 12,” one commented.

“Girl, I’m a size 10 most places, and the size 14 only just fit me!” a third added. Primark’s sizes have just shrunk dramatically!”

Some, however, said she was exaggerating when she boycotted Primark and that she was not “really a size 10.”

”We all have to size up for specific shops!” one said. Being a size 16 has no negative connotations.”

“No, you’re not a size, why are you claiming to be a lesser size when you’re bigger?” said another.

“Just because one company can’t get their sizing right does not mean you aren’t that size,” Ms Anderson-Maguire responded with additional footage.

“We,” stated a Primark representative. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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