Price increase: Christmas vacations in the United Kingdom are now 120 percent more expensive than they were last year.


Price increase: Christmas vacations in the United Kingdom are now 120 percent more expensive than they were last year.

STAYCATIONS were the summer’s big trend, with most Britons remaining in the nation for the summer holidays, driving up the cost of a UK vacation. Unfortunately, the pattern appears to be set to continue for the rest of the year.

Most Britons enjoyed a summer vacation in the United Kingdom.

Many people decided to skip a trip abroad because of the travel restrictions and the fact that Covid is still very much a part of the country’s reality.

Britons on vacation in the UK were met with higher-than-expected prices and packed tourist attractions.

Now that the summer vacation is officially over, Britons may begin to think about the end of the year and beyond.

It has been reported that the remainder of 2021 will appear very similar to the summer.

Britons appear to prefer the UK as a vacation destination, and the prices reflect the popularity of staycations.

Platform for managing short-term vacation rental properties Until the conclusion of the year, Guesty examined the statistics.

Whether it’s for Christmas or New Year’s, Britons appear to have already decided: it’ll be a British vacation.

Regrettably, pricing followed the summer pattern, with most places being more expensive than in prior years.

Christmas prices are 120 percent greater than they would be in 2020.

They were also discovered to be 47 percent greater than before Covid.

For this year’s holidays, the average night cost was £261.

In 2020, it was £129, or roughly half the amount.

In 2019, a night would have cost £177 without Covid.

If most people were planning on having a British Christmas, they were also planning on having a British New Year’s Eve.

Britons made 89 percent of UK reservations, according to the data.

Domestic bookings accounted for 75% of total bookings in 2020.

It was a pitiful 35 percent before Covid.

And, of course, prices will rise in response to the increasing demand.

Britons were encouraged to book as soon as possible in order to avoid even higher prices and a scarcity of rooms.

Despite the fact that travel restrictions have mostly been relaxed and Britons now have the option of going abroad for a vacation, it appears that they choose to stay in the nation.

Following a summer of UK vacations, the end of the year is expected to follow suit.

For both Christmas and New Year, Britons will be faced with increased pricing and fewer last-minute options.


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