‘Preparation is key’: top tips for creating a ‘beautiful’ summer garden.


‘Preparation is key’: top tips on what to plant now to create a ‘beautiful’ summer garden.


Experts, on the other hand, have shared some of the best plants that can be planted right now to ensure a “beautiful” spring and summer garden.

During the winter months, the majority of plants go dormant, which means they don’t need to be watered or cared for as much.

This can leave gardeners with little to do in the garden, so now is the best time to start sowing seeds in preparation for spring and summer.

Phostrogen experts shared their best tips for sowing seeds directly into the soil during the winter months.

“Putting the effort into your garden in autumn and winter can reap huge rewards, just like planting winter bulbs,” they told this website.

“Many annuals, such as most poppy varieties, sweet peas, and pot marigold, can be sown now and will provide a lovely display in the spring and summer,” says the author.

“When it comes to sowing seeds, preparation is key, especially when sowing directly into the soil.

“Make sure the soil is raked thoroughly and has a fine texture, and that any weeds or large clumps of earth have been removed.”

This will aid any germinating seedlings in making it through the harsh winter weather.

Gardeners can then make shallow rows all over the bed.

“You can do this with a cane or even a stick,” the experts said.

“You’ll sow your seeds along these lines, which makes weeding much easier.

“Offset the direction of your drills with neighboring beds for a visually appealing display.”

“After that, just sow the seeds in each drill, rake over gently with soil, and water thoroughly.”

“Keep in mind that different plants prefer different growing conditions, so be sure to read the package instructions and space seeds out according to them.

“You can also start more tender seeds indoors in shallow containers, then transplant them to larger pots as seedlings when the weather warms up.”

During the winter, gardeners can grow their own crops in addition to sowing plant seeds.

Even the most experienced gardener requires assistance in the winter, according to The Greenhouse People.

“If you have a greenhouse, a thermometer can track day and night temperatures, letting you know when to intervene if conditions deteriorate,” the experts said.

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