‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Why fans call the finale the season’s finest episode


(SPOILER ALERT: Ghost Season 1 Finale: Spoilers Ahead for Power Book II)

After 10 episodes, the first season of Power Book II: Ghost ended with the return of a fan favorite and the sudden assassination of someone from Tariq’s life.

Many viewers call the finale the best episode of the season after a sluggish beginning.

What happened in the ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ finale of the first season?

On behalf of his mother, Tariq St. Patrick was called to the stand to testify. Before accompanying him to his father’s grave, where the college student confessed to the murder, he accused Cooper Saxe of plotting with his niece to spike his drink.

The discovery led to the dropping of the case against his mother if she did not name Tommy Egan as the murderer of her late ex-husband. She accepted, but she met Monet Tejada later in order to pay her off and get out of town.

We’ve all been waiting for the meeting #PowerGhost pic.twitter.com/oNnms4F39u- Power Book II: Ghost (@ghoststarz) January 4, 2021′ Power Book II: Ghost ‘: Fans think this lovable character may not make it to the end of Season 1

Tommy, however, found out and attempted to kill her.

Therefore, in order to take the burden off him in exchange for him leaving Tasha alone, Tariq organized a way for his former ‘uncle’ to fake his death.

Tommy didn’t stick to the deal and tried to “smoke out” Tasha again, but Tariq tricked her into going into the witness protection program and called the Tejadas for assistance. The elder St. Patrick had killed his professor, Jabari Reynolds, shortly before, because he knew so much about the illicit business of Tariq.

Many supporters call this episode the best of the season.

Many viewers flocked to social media to share their views after the finale aired at midnight. Many fans rejoiced, especially because of Tommy’s surprise return, as they wanted to see the fan favorite from the original series.

“classic”classic”all the smoke”all the smoke”has the balls to put a belt on me”has the balls to put a belt on me.

So, was that the Powerbook 2 season finale? Huh. Daaang. Actually, maybe I would like these storylines better than the original Force. —The Melech E. M.

Thomas (@MelechThomas) January 3, 2021 ‘Energy Book II’: fans agree that the spinoff from the original series is a step up.

During the courtroom scene, viewers also liked Tariq Saxe’s frying pan, especially since it led to the loss of his job. The episode was praised by some as being “best yet” and “on par with the original.”

The final was also thought by many to act as a “great segue” to Power Book III: Raising Canaan.

Others claim that this was a decent episode, but a poor finale.

Although the episode seemed to be appreciated by most of the fan community, some felt it was not a good finale. A few scenes were lauded by one Reddit user, but he thought that the writers didn’t set it up for next season.

She noted that the episode ended with the lack of a supply plug for the Tejada, an unimportant Davis McClean-Cooper Saxe relationship, and a seemingly full Cane character arc.

#PowerGhost pic.twitter.com/ft2ITeUtmH- Power Book II: Ghost (@ghoststarz) January 4, 2021′ Power Book III: Raising Kanan ‘Trailer Takes Fans Back in Time and Teases 2021 Premiere Date Better Tariq Take their advice…

The fan also pointed out that he thought the return of Tommy didn’t do enough to make fans want to see his spinoff, Power Book IV: Force.

Another user agreed, adding that since it did not contain any cliffhangers, the finale should have continued Cane’s “villain story”

Overall, fans said they enjoyed the finale and are looking forward to the next season. Power Book II: It is possible the Ghost will return next year.


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