‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Let’s talk about “All the Smoke” and the blue Mustang


How about the season finale of Powerbook II? With the last few episodes, those who questioned that the Tariq as a Ghost 2.0 saga would be worth a look changed their minds, and a fan prediction came true in the season finale.

The iconic blue Mustang in the photo, after months of speculation and a search for tiny clues, signaled the coming of somebody major. It was as big as seeing a UFO land on the floor or the revival of Jon Snow. The master killer of Strength rolled up and turned the episode around.

“Many men, many, many, many, many men…. wish me dead.”

[Spoiler Alert: This article includes “Heart of Darkness” spoilers for the Power Book II: Ghost season finale]]

Tommy is back, Tommy

In the new chapters of their novels, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees all had badass comebacks, and in Power Book II: Ghost, Tommy Egan’s was comparable.

Yeah, some viewers may still be mad at him for killing Proctor, but his appearance was welcome in the series’ season finale and increased the risk factor.

With enthusiasm, the fans went wild.

He did not even have anything to say. About why? All Tommy had to do was take a couple of shots and drive his Mustang to let everyone know that he was back in the area.

The look on Tasha’s face was priceless when she saw the electric blue hot rod drive off.

Tommy drove to Monet’s to catch her off guard in revenge for Tasha for ratting him out.

But it wasn’t a fun reunion when Tariq tracked him down to talk to him.

Tommy threatened, “I gave Ghost my word I wouldn’t kill you, but I swear to God, if you don’t get your skinny ass off my cart, I’m going to beat the shit out of you right now,” He is rightfully pissed that he was labeled a Ghosts Murderer and a Kingpin by Tasha, receiving more excuses for getting back on his hit list.

See what we’re doing!!! ‘Power’: Here’s why Tommy didn’t kill Tasha. #PowerGhost pic.twitter.com/NWDbI2BwRO- Power Book II: Ghost (@ghoststarz) January 3, 2021

Tariq was helping Tommy trick the feds, but it’s still not done.

While Tasha caused Tommy the whole mess, Tariq made a plan to get the feds off his back.

The OG did not want to hear it after telling Tommy – no longer Uncle Tommy – that killing his mother wouldn’t end his problems. I want all the smoke,”I want all the smoke,”

Tariq faked Tommy’s death during the chase, but Tasha’s fight is NOT over.

Tommy tried to shoot her down in the cemetery, and with Monet’s help, Tariq, thinking like a Ghost, foiled the attempt. Tasha is currently in the witness protection program and eternally on the run.

Tommy’s “Power Book IV: Force” spinoff is set to turn aggressive.

A little support to construct Tommy’s spinoff story was offered by the finale of “Power Book II: Ghost”

The world assumes that he is dead and that his ties with St. Patrick’s have been broken. So things can go either direction when he gets back into the NYC drug industry.

Tommy went to California at the end of Power Season 6, but not before making the Serbs, Paz, and two Italian mafia families (Benny’s and Vincent’s) rivals. Now that he and Monet are on each other’s radar, in a possible crossover, the two would theoretically meet.

Tommy begins to explore his new beginning. #PowerTV pic.twitter.com/vIam07Guqq- Power (@Power_STARZ) January 20, 2020Power creator/showrunner Courtney Kemp dropped a few hints about the new series, promising there will be plenty of action, sex and violence. She characterized it as “like OG Power.”

She also said she had plans for Proctor’s daughter Elisa Marie during a recent Instagram Live session, but would not provide specifics. It is suspected that in Tommy’s series the character will appear, as it seems that the two still have something to do with one another.

Note that Paz was searching for him to avenge the death of Angela—something for which Tasha ratted him out—and that could have come back to Tommy.

If one of these characters or Saxe, the relentless crusader, spots his mustang back in town, it will trigger some fire on TV.

Tommy would be one to watch between his criminal dealings, old conflicts and attempting to kill Tasha.

Keep tuned for Power Book IV:Force updates.


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