Power Book II: Final Recap of Ghost ‘Season: Peng! Tariq tut, was getan muss, must be done


Tariq demonstrates that he has elements of Ghost, Tasha, Tommy and Kanan after viewing the season finale of Power Book II: Ghost.

He went into this final episode ready with a looming court appearance and the knowledge that Davis and Saxe are working together. Do you recall how Ghost took pride in always being three steps ahead of his opponents? In the family, the skill runs.

Some characters have also received a predicted punishment that has many viewers thinking, “Finally!” Here’s a recap of the shocking finale of the season.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost, “Heart of Darkness” season finale]].

Things have warmed up for Dru

Rico is approached by Monet and her new enforcer. She’s killing him. Cane disposes of Ramirez’s body in another part of town, but retains the cop’s badge and pistol. Monet blasts the phone at Ramirez and doesn’t understand why he’s not responding.

Tariq – suited up for court – runs to class at school and discovers that it is postponed due to the inquiry of the professors. While talking to Lauren, he sees that Everett is entering the room. He’s leaving.

However, Everett tells Jabari and Carrie about the night that he and Zeke were assaulted. He identifies Dru and several times alters his story, blaming it on alcohol.

Carrie intentionally confuses his narrative because she’s under the thumb of Monet.

The professors agree that Detective Santana’s details should be withheld.

In her office, Zeke approaches Carrie and Jabari catches him rubbing her shoulder. Zeke is privately speaking to her and is upset that Carrie has spoken to the police. She persuades him not to let his family know who’s talking. Jabari Googles Zeke and finds a photo of Tariq in a game with the Tejadas.

At the hospital, Cane visits Dru and they argue about the family, GTG and Tariq.

After he blabs about Ramirez, Dru kicks Cane out.

I forget he’s on #PowerGhost…… @ghoststarz #PowerNeverEnds pic.twitter.com/Rz0aPI9yyb- Michael Rainey Jr (@michaelraineyjr) January 4, 2021′ Power Book II: Ghost ‘: Fans’ conversation about which girl is their best choice in Tariq’s life

Saxe reveals Tariq

Tariq takes the stand in court and gets smart.

Through her facial expressions, Tameika is in the courtroom directing him. He informs everyone that on the night James was killed, Saxe was with Truth with a pistol. Saxe attempts to deflect the interrogation, but Tariq admits that on his birthday, Saxe followed him to the cemetery.

Tariq dominates the exchange, telling the judge that Saxe drugged someone and then followed him to his father’s grave, where he overheard him in the cemetery. “Who helped you, Mr. Saxe? Who drugged my drink?” Riley joins in, lowering his head.

Things get out of hand when the judge asks Saxe if it’s all true and Tariq says it is. Since the trial began, he has been able to name those involved.

Davis is calling for a recess.

These two always have each other’s backs. Object. Object. #PowerGhost pic.twitter.com/ruht62Vzfh- Power Book II: Ghost (@ghoststarz) January 4, 2021They retreat to the judge’s chambers and Ott storms in to throw them out.

Thanks to Tameika, he knows more. He goes after all of them. Ott sits down with both lawyers, Tasha and Tariq, and offers a deal. She has to rat out Tommy and can be put in the witness protection program.

Saxe tries to intervene, but Ott rebuffs him, saying he was “duped by Jason Derulo here.” Tasha takes the deal, but has no intention of keeping it.

As she leaves the prison, reporters wait for her to testify. She throws away Davis’ notes and tells reporters she’s glad to be reunited with her family.

Davis announces that the hunt for Tommy Egan will begin.

Tasha asks Tariq to pack so they can escape. He is worried about his obligation to Monet, but Tasha will take care of it.

On campus, Riley finds Brayden and he is not interested. She rags on Tariq’s name and Brayden brings up the drug incident. She warns that Tariq will hurt or kill him.

Zeke visits Tariq in his room and enlightens him that the basketball players are being questioned and Dru’s name comes up. He can’t reach Dru, but wants to let him know.

Tariq didn’t know about the GTG situation and meets with Diana. He informs her that Dru’s name came up in the investigation. She is worried about Cane and Tariq tells her that he has her back.

Jabari seals his own fate

Later, Tariq comes across Brayden, who is still dealing with the app operatio


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