Posters and challenges for Ariana Grande’s concert have leaked for Fortnite Season 7’s live event.


Posters and challenges for Ariana Grande’s concert have leaked for Fortnite Season 7’s live event.

The next live event for FORTNITE is just a week away. In the lead up to the Fortnite season 7 live event, leaks concerning the impending posters and challenges for the rumored concert fronted by pop sensation Ariana Grande have surfaced.

The Thank You, Next singer is expected to play a concert at the Fortnite season 7 live event on Friday. In Creative Mode, Fortnite has hosted a number of concerts, but the Ariana Grande performance will be the largest since the Travis Scott event for Fortnite chapter 2 season 2. The Astronomical event was one of the most memorable Fortnite live events ever, and if the Ariana Grande performance is anything to go by, it will be as well.

If Epic Games follows the Travis Scott event’s lead, the Ariana Grande concert on August 7 and 8 could witness encore performances.

In addition, an Ariana Grande skin could be released to commemorate the Fortnite season 7 live event.

In the days leading up to the commencement of the Fortnite event, which is expected to begin at 11 p.m. BST on Friday, August 6, leaks about new assets and challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale have surfaced.

Leaks have uncovered three posters that appear to be promoting the Ariana Grande event, according to Fortnite Insider.

Piggy, the name of one of the posters, is the same as Ariana’s teacup pig, Piggy Smallz.

Rain On Me is the title of another poster, and it’s the same song that Ariana plays with Lady Gaga.

The final poster, on the other hand, shares the same color palette as one of Ariana’s ensembles.

Other challenges and awards for the Ariana Grande live event appear to have leaked as well.

These challenges, which were revealed following the release of Fortnite version 17.21 earlier this week, are for the Rift Tour.

The following is a list of the Rift Tour challenges that have been leaked…

• Take part in the Rift Tour (1)

• Interact with the posters from the Rift Tour (1)

• On top of the Party UFO, place an Alien Hologram Pad (1)

• Go to the Rift Tour tab and set a date for a match (2)

The following are the rewards for completing the Rift Tour tasks:

• Spray Rift-sterpiece

• Emoticon of Cloudy Kitty

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