Portfolio: Rapunzel, Scotland’s National Theatre, Kirsty Anderson


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Rapunzel, Scotland’s National Theatre, Kirsty Anderson.

Kirsty Anderson says, “The beauty of photographing actors is that they perform for you in front of the camera,” The photographer took these portrait shots of the cast of Rapunzel, the Christmas show created in collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland this year by the National Theatre of Scotland.

The NTS has shot a new show in a year when theatre shows are banned due to the corona virus, which will be shown in theatres and at home this Christmas season. At Stirling Castle, Rapunzel was filmed. The cast includes Julie Wilson Nimmo, Darren Brownlie, Amber Sylvia Edwards as Rapunzel, and Michelle Chantelle Hopewell as Betty Botanista, while Paige Ootabook is the narrator of the Scottish panto doyen Johnny McKnight, who helped write the show. McKnight also directed, while the film was directed by Stewart Kyasimire.

For Anderson, even in the most daunting conditions, the pleasure of filming with the cast and behind-the-scenes pictures was seeing how a show could get off the ground.

“Everyone was just happy to be able to work, because so many people I talked to hadn’t had work in a while and didn’t know when the next job was coming.”

Rapunzel will be seen from Dec. 22 in select independent cinemas and arts centres in Scotland, and can then be streamed online from Dec. 23 to Jan. 4, with tickets available from £ 0 to £ 25 on a sliding scale. For more information, visit nationaltheatrescotland.com. Visit kirstyanderson.co.uk for more information about Kirsty Anderson’s work.


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