Portfolio: John makes a tea cup, Dezo Hoffmann makes a tea cup,


Imagine this moment for a moment. In the family home of fellow Beatle Paul McCartney at 20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool, John Lennon is making himself a cup of tea. It’s March 23, 1963, the day following the release of Help Please Me, the band’s debut album. It is just a few weeks or so before the birth of Lennon’s son, Julian. The world of Lennon hasn’t changed yet. It is about to, however. And more than he was ever going to remember.

The very cute domestic picture of Dezo Hoffmann is just one of many featured in the new book JOHN & YOKO/PLASTIC ONO BAND, released to mark Lennon’s first solo album’s 50th anniversary. On the 50th anniversary of Lennon’s debut solo album, it was released. The story, along with those of Yoko, fellow Beatles Ringo and George, Eric Clapton and many others, is told through Lennon’s own words.

Lennon was expected to turn 80 earlier this month. In December, 40 years will have passed since he was murdered. All these anniversaries, all those recollections. Here he is when something is still ahead of him, good and bad.


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