Portfolio: ISS nadir view from the Soyuz TMA-20 departing spacecraft, Paolo Nespoli, 2011.


The International Space Station has orbited the Earth for over 20 years, flying at an hourly rate of 17,500 miles. It has welcomed hundreds of individuals over the past two decades, including many Britons, including Tim Peake. More than 200 spacewalks over the years have been performed by astronauts. You might assume, as a species, that we are space men and women now.

With photographs by Paolo Nespoli and Roland Miller, a new book, Interior Space, provides a glimpse of life aboard the ISS – a view of wires and industrial design.

We get a sense of how fragile life in space is in this picture taken by Nespoli, but also how brilliant. This is what we are capable of doing. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Interior Room has been published by Damiani


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