Portfolio: For Christmas, Batman and Robin, Dick Sprung


And superheroes, it turns out, are celebrating Christmas. Here’s Batman and Robin as drawn in 1946 by Dick Sprung and recontextualized for a new book, DC Christmas Carols: We Wish You a Harley Christmas, by author Daniel Kibblesmith.

The book blends classic drawings of comic books with “remixes” of the lyrics to traditional Christmas carols by Kibblesmith.

Two years after the character developed by Bob Kane and Bill Finger made his debut, the very first Batman Christmas story appeared back in 1941. The tale featured our hero releasing an innocent man framed for a crime he didn’t commit, while still taking the time to prove that Santa Claus exists to a young boy. Just the kind of example of this time of year that we all need.

Taken from DC Christmas Carols: We Wish You a Harley Christmas by Daniel Kibblesmith, published by Chronicle Books, priced £ 10.99. Batman (Vol. 1) # 3, 1946, Dick Sprung © and TM DC Comics 2020


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