Portfolio: 1976 in New York City, Joel Meyerowitz


Nothing is quiet about this picture, isn’t there? It is noisy, loud, so full of life and color. It screams at you literally. And what a charming noise it makes.

This image was once identified by photographer Joel Meyerowitz as his attempt to capture’ the whole.’ And here he comes very close to doing so.

One of the great street photographers is Meyerowitz. He was lucky, of course, to have as his theme, New York in all its chaotic glory.

“If you immerse yourself in street life,” writes the photographer in his latest book, Joel Meyerowitz: How I Create Photos, “sooner or later you’re likely to see something that speaks to you.”

Every face promises a story in this picture. The old man smoking a cigar, the girl staring at the camera, the guy in the center of the photo in white. Oh, who’s he? What was his experience in life?

Somebody will be encouraged to write a novel based on this picture someday. They’re going to call it ‘The All of It,’ and it’s going to be an epic.

Joel Meyerowitz: How I Make Joel Meyerowitz Photos, published by Laurence King, is now available at www.laurenceking.com © Joel Meyerowitz


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