PlayStation enthusiasts, rejoice! BT and Virgin aren’t the only ones who provide large downloads.


PlayStation enthusiasts, rejoice! BT and Virgin aren’t the only ones who provide large downloads.

There’s good news for PS5 and PS4 customers who are trapped with the wrong broadband plan, as next-gen video games are likely to grow in size and become bigger experiences.

When playing online, gamers must have the proper hardware, but they must also consider all of the other factors when taking on the current gaming challenge.

And, with BT, Sky, and Virgin Media all offering significantly quicker download rates, getting into your favorite video games on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles has never been easier.

Broadband speeds and support are progressively being rolled out by Internet Service Providers, with BT and Virgin focused on 1Gbps technology.

Meanwhile, Sky is expanding its service to include the debut of 500Mbps download speeds, which will make gaming a lot easier.

And, with the number and scope of games set to grow dramatically in the next years, faster bandwidth will be critical, especially now that the Xbox Series X and PS5 have become commonplace.

Having as minimal lag as possible might mean the difference between winning and losing for online gamers.

So, in 2021, which internet providers should you look into?

For many people, BT Broadband is the finest deal, and it can also be one of the most dependable when it comes to keeping connections stable. According to recent Ofcom data, BT packet loss and latency statistics are at the top of the list; nonetheless, there are some disadvantages.

BT’s speeds aren’t always the best, and they want you to sign up for 24-month contracts, which are among the longest available.

Meanwhile, the size of future downloads will be essential for individuals who are great fans of massive open-worlds and universes like Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy.

Quicker bandwidth means faster download rates, which will become increasingly important as more games receive regular updates and patches.

That’s not even taking into account the launch of streaming services like Google Stadia Xcloud, which both rely on minimizing button lag.

Meanwhile, Virgin Media Broadband can deliver some of the fastest connections available, with shorter commitments but no guarantee of speed like other providers.

Hyperoptic Broadband may be unfamiliar to gamers, but they are another company that can provide average speeds of 1Gbps if you live in a compatible area and are prepared to spend the money.

Even with these amazing changes, though, “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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