‘Place two fingers in the air.’ Amanda Holden slams ‘annoying’ comments about her clothing.


‘Place two fingers in the air.’ Amanda Holden slams ‘annoying’ comments about her clothing.

AMANDA HOLDEN has slammed critics of her raunchy Saturday night television ensembles.

Amanda Holden, the host of Britain’s Got Talent, is no stranger to speaking her thoughts, and her newest remarks are no exception. The television personality has created controversy in the past owing to her choice of costumes for live TV appearances, and now she has retaliated against anyone who want to complain.

People are still writing in to complain about a little sideboob!

Amanda Holden is a writer and actress.

Amanda, 50, is known for pushing the envelope with her provocative outfit choices on shows like Britain’s Got Talent, frequently leaving fans at home picking their jaws up off the floor.

Hundreds of viewers have complained to the television watchdog, Ofcom, about the mother-of-wardrobe two’s choices.

After Amanda allegedly “exposed” her nipples in one of her ensembles last year, over 230 people protested to the regulatory body.

Amanda insisted she was wearing a corset during the live broadcast at the time, denying her nipples were on display.

In a recent interview, the West End actress addresses the accusations, revealing that she “sticks two fingers up” to people who care enough to voice their dissatisfaction.

Amanda told Grazia, “There are no complaints whatsoever when Simon unbuttons six or seven of his buttons on the shows.”

“Boobs are sexualized, and instead of being seen for what they are, which is to feed our children, they have been transformed into something much, much more.”

“We’re doing so many good things in the world when it comes to women’s rights – and not just women’s concerns, either – it’s incredible, but people still write in over a little of sideboob!” Amanda continued.

Amanda explained how she handles concerns to the publication, saying, “I spend a lot of time laughing and not caring and thankfully.”

“At Britain’s Got Talent, I have a very strong female crew that run the show, check me out, and say, ‘You look good to me.’”

“We just sort of stick two fingers up to it, really,” she continued.

This isn’t the first time Amanda has addressed the criticism she’s gotten for her fashion choices.

“Fashion has no age limit,” she said during an interview on Loose Women in October 2020.

“It irritates me.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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