Pixies were spotted filming for the upcoming show “Who knows if it was true!” according to Fern Britton.


Pixies were spotted filming for the upcoming show “Who knows if it was true!” according to Fern Britton.

FERN BRITTON has revealed that she saw a “family of Pixies” while filming for her new Channel 5 program in Cornwall, but she is unsure if what she saw was true.

Fern, 64, has lately returned to television, engaging fans with shows showcasing the finest of British culture. The former This Morning host has been walking through Cornwall for a Channel 5 documentary series, informing her followers about the history of the Southern countryside, on Thursday nights. On Tuesday’s episode of ITV’s Lorraine, however, the host told Christine Lampard, 42, about something really remarkable she witnessed.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what I saw,” Fern began the interview, “but I truly know in my head I saw this tiny family of Pixies.”

“They were strolling up a lane in dappled sunlight in a hedgerow, and I had to rub my eyes and think, ‘What?’

“They then transformed into this rustic-colored family of grouse, and who knows if it was real or not,” she screamed.

“However, I noticed that. That’s strange, isn’t it?” she exclaimed to Christine, who had been transfixed by her interviewee’s sightings.

The broadcaster witnessed more than pixies in Cornwall, as the beaches and historical landmarks of the Southern countryside left an indelible effect.

Fern had a special place in her heart for Cornwall, since she used to visit the Southern countryside as a child.

It was her patch to cover as a newsreader in the 1980s, so it’s never been far from the presenter’s mind.

The final episode of the two-part series will air on Thursday, and she will wind up her tour of the holiday destination.

Fern remarked during her interview with Christine that she dislikes the word “staycation” when describing a trip to Cornwall because she considers it to be a “vacation” every time.

Isn’t that strange?

Britton, Fern

Fern said of her time in Cornwall, both then and now, that “life in Cornwall is slower and more funnier than anywhere else I have lived.”

“I’ve lived in two communities [in Cornwall]full-time. Once when I was in my twenties, and now when I’m in my sixties. It’s the same as before.

“Living in a village is a blessing. There’s a lot of gossip, history, jokes, gardening, farming, and the hotly contested Annual Produce Show in this package. Brinkwire Summary News.”My Cooking.”


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