Pink originally intended to name ‘Heartbreak Is a MotherF*ckerer’ from Funhouse


Pink has been making music for the outcasts since the beginning of her career, for the brokenhearted, for the misunderstood, for the down on their luck, for the courageous but shaken.

And no exception to their norm was Funhouse.

“The album features hit songs such as “So What,” “Sober,” “Bad Influence” and “Please Don’t Leave Me.” While the pop rocker decided on the Funhouse title, she originally wanted a somewhat different focus on the title of the song.

Pink spoke about her career in an interview with ChicagoMusicGuide and explained that while writing Funhouse, she hit new heights of “vulnerability” In terms of the title, however, concentrating solely on her heartbreak – and the emotional narratives in each song – would have diminished the various vibes of the album.

For Funhouse, Pink had a somewhat different title in mind…initially.

Pink told The Music Guide of Chicago:

What I initially wanted to name the album was Heartbreak is a Motherf*cker… But this album isn’t just about that. It’s not just a breakup album.

That’s a lot, but it’s fun, too, and that’s why I ended up calling it Funhouse.

While she went through heartbreak while writing Funhouse, during Pink’s creative process, that was not the only emotion that surfaced.

Often, the music accompanying the lyrics is cheerful and optimistic. Not to mention, as ChicagoMusicGuide pointed out, “Please Don’t Leave Me” is full of some ironically funny and romantic “da da das,”

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Funhouse was Pink’s way of “letting her armor down,” but she did so in a way that could be connected to the imperfect crowd.

Pink speaks about “Funhouse” and the word “love me anyway”

Pink explained that “Please Don’t Leave Me,” which became one of the album’s most popular songs, was a giving up of her barriers – a breaking down of the walls she has fortified around herself. She shared:

“It’s like taking off the armor and admitting I’m human. I’m a girl. We all want to be loved and to love.

That’s all we want…’Please Don’t Leave Me’ is kind of funny, though. It’s like, ‘Okay, I’m an *asshole, but love me anyway.’ I’m trying to get better. We’re all not there yet.

And ‘I Don’t Believe You’ is one of my favorite songs because it’s just so naked…”

Just like Pink, many of us know we’re not perfect, but we long to be loved despite our flaws, and Pink’s album, especially “Please Don’t Leave Me,” carries that truth.


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