Piers Morgan slams Gavin Williamson for his “patronising claptrap” over “pointless” change.


Piers Morgan slams Gavin Williamson for his “patronising claptrap” over “pointless” change.

Education Secretary Gavin Williams’ latest effort has been called “inexplicably stupid” by PIERS MORGAN, who has railed against his “patronising claptrap.”

Piers Morgan took aim at Education Secretary Gavin Williams over the weekend after the Conservative MP announced intentions to include Latin in state school curricula. The former host of Good Morning Britain called it a “pointless” program that will not benefit students.

The father of four, who learned Latin in school, admitted that he practically never uses the ancient language in his daily life.

Meanwhile, the 45-year-old politician expressed hope that the £4 million “excellence initiative” will bridge the gap between individuals who attended private and public schools.

“We all know Latin has a reputation for being an elitist subject only available to a select few.

“However, the subject can assist young people in so many ways, therefore I want to bridge that gap,” the MP stated.

Piers stated in his current newspaper column for the Mail On Sunday, “Like so much that comes out of Williamson’s lips, this is patronising claptrap.”

The journalist went on to add that he studied Latin for nine years at both private and public schools, but that he only used it to translate the Arsenal football team’s slogan.

“I can’t think of a single practical advantage from all those thousands of hours of schooling that went to waste.

“This project, like Williamson himself, is so curiously pointless,” he continued.

At the moment, only 2.7 percent of public schools teach the topic, compared to 49 percent of independent institutions.

The concept will be implemented in up to 40 schools next year.

In 2026, it will be assessed again.

“Latin can assist students in studying modern foreign languages while also providing benefits in other disciplines such as math and English,” Gavin said of the curriculum.


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Piers provided an update on his health over the weekend, three weeks after getting the illness and saying that he was still suffering from lengthy Covid.

He admitted to followers that he was suffering from “shocking exhaustion” and that he had yet to restore his entire sense of taste and smell.

In light of his 7.9 “Brinkwire Summary News,” Piers posted online, “Day 18 after covid symptoms started and still have startling weariness & minimal taste/smell.”


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