Piers Morgan slams a “coward” for threatening to “kill” a TV star and his son.


Piers Morgan slams a “coward” for threatening to “kill” a TV star and his son.

After he and his son received death threats, PIERS Morgan called internet trolls “cowards.”

After a man was arrested for allegedly making “malicious communications,” the presenter revealed that he had been the target of chilling online abuse.

The former host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain received a message warning him that he was a “marked man,” and police were called.

“This isn’t a threat, Piers, it’s a promise,” the troll tweeted.

You’re going to die.”

Spencer, the TV star’s 28-year-old sports journalist son, was also targeted in February of last year.

“Cowardly threats have consequences,” Piers wrote on Twitter.

Following the TV host’s complaint about the messages, Scotland Yard confirmed that a man, 43, was arrested in Manchester last August.

While investigations continue, the suspect was released.

“People think it’s fine to make death threats against public figures on social media, but it’s not,” Piers said.

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“When family members are targeted, a line must be drawn.”

“That is why I reported it, and I appreciate the Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester Police taking it so seriously.”

If the attempt against Spencer’s father failed, the troll threatened Spencer, “you’re getting it.”

“This is a principled stand for Piers,” a source close to the broadcaster said.

He will not put up with malicious threats directed at his family.

“A troll sent both Piers and Spencer a shockingly vile and graphic message threatening to kill them.

He wishes for this evil troll to be imprisoned where he belongs.

“Hopefully, it will serve as a deterrent to other online abusers,” says the author.


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