Piers Morgan retaliates as a radio personality who is anti-vaccine and is now on a ventilator with Covid.


Piers Morgan retaliates as a radio personality who is anti-vaccine and is now on a ventilator with Covid.

After catching the virus, PIERS MORGAN, a radio personality who questioned the Covid vaccine, is on a ventilator.

Phil Valentine, a 61-year-old US radio presenter, is currently on a ventilator in intensive care after contracting Covid earlier this month. Valentine had previously stated on his Nashville, Tennessee-based radio show, “The Phil Valentine Show,” that the Covid vaccination was only required for persons with underlying health conditions.

“I am not an anti-vaxxer,” he wrote in a December blog post. I’m simply applying common sense. How likely am I to get Covid? They’re quite low. If I receive Covid, what are my chances of dying? Probably a fraction of a percent.

“If you’re not at a significant danger of dying from Covid, it’s probably best not to obtain it.”

“I pray he survives this, and then goes back on his show to advise his audience to be vaccinated,” Piers Morgan said of Valentine’s situation.

I hope he makes it through this and then returns to his show to urge his listeners to be vaccinated. m3w9noHcsK (https://t.co/m3w9noHcsK)

Morgan’s tweet has received over 2,500 likes, and many others have expressed similar sentiments. “It’s a difficult lesson to learn,” one woman said. I hope he recovers quickly.”

In a Facebook post, Valentine’s brother Mark indicated that the radio host regrets his statements against the vaccine.

“While Phil has never been a ‘anti-vaxxer,’ he regrets not being more forcefully ‘pro-vaccine,’ and looks forward to being able to more vehemently defend that stance as soon as he is back on the air, which we all hope will be soon,” Mark added.

Mark stated his brother is in a “critical but stable” condition in a subsequent post on Saturday.

“All of his vital signs are excellent, and the ventilator is doing its job,” he continued. Every day, we become more optimistic.”

President Joe Biden has advocated for states to pay $100 (£71) to newly vaccinated persons in the hopes of encouraging more people to get vaccinated.

Mr. Biden, speaking from the White House on Thursday, warned that a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was exacerbating the spread of Covid. “People are dying and.” Brinkwire Summary News, he added.


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