Piers Morgan retaliates after Adil Ray’mocks’ him, saying, ‘He’s helped to destroy GMB’s ratings!’


Piers Morgan retaliates after Adil Ray’mocks’ him, saying, ‘He’s helped to destroy GMB’s ratings!’

PIERS MORGAN has retaliated against Adil Ray after the presenter made a “mocking” remark about his predecessor on Good Morning Britain.

Adil Ray, 47, made a joke on Good Morning Britain this morning mocking Piers Morgan’s dramatic exit from the show.

Piers, 56, retaliated by blasting him on Twitter for disrespecting him in light of the show’s ratings during his time on it.

Adil was also accused by the journalist of “helping to destroy” Piers’ ratings before his abrupt departure earlier this year.

Piers shared an article about Adil’s snub with his 7.9 million Twitter followers.

“Hmmm,” he tweeted as a caption.

Given how Mr Ray has aided in the demise of GMB’s ratings since my departure, if I were him, I’d avoid mocking the man who propelled them to new heights…”

After Piers’ departure in March, the ITV show’s viewership fell from 1.9 million to 450 thousand in June.

Susanna Reid, on the other hand, celebrated a month later on June 28 when her ratings peaked at 1.2 million viewers, a 20% increase over the same time last year.

Piers referenced a Birmingham Live article on his Twitter feed titled “Adil Ray takes a swipe at Piers Morgan on ITV Good Morning Britain,” which included a clip from GMB capturing Adil mocking the former host.

Adil and co-host Susanna Reid spoke with political journalist Kevin McGuire about the challenges of bringing your child to work.

This came after Stella Creasy, a Labour MP, was chastised for bringing her three-month-old child into the House of Commons.

Kevin asked Susanna if she would have brought her young children to work with her to present GMB as the conversation progressed.

“You’ve presented with some babies over the years, haven’t you?” Adil said at this point.

He continued, “Who stormed out and threw a tantrum?”

The studio erupted in laughter at this point, with Susanna allowing herself a brief chuckle before quickly moving on with the conversation.

Piers left Good Morning Britain after refusing to apologize for not believing Meghan Markle’s claims in her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, and Adil’s remark was directed at him.

When Adil saw Piers’ retweet, he was furious.

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