Piers Morgan loses weight as the Covid fight continues: “As harsh as a badger’s bottom.”


Piers Morgan loses weight as the Covid fight continues: “As harsh as a badger’s bottom.”

Following his battle with Covid, PIERS MORGAN updated followers on his health, admitting that he has lost weight.

Piers Morgan, 56, was diagnosed with Covid at the Euro 2020 final, and it’s safe to say the former Good Morning Britain host has had a lengthy battle with the disease. Piers had worked hard throughout the pandemic to question the government’s attitude on the virus, and despite following the laws, life had other plans for him, leaving him feeling “rough as a badger’s behind” as he continues to battle the unrelenting illness.

My backside is still as rough as a badger’s.

Piers Morgan is a British journalist.

The host chronicled his health odyssey thus far in his most recent Daily Mail piece, which has also touched several of his pals.

He wrote, “It’s been three weeks since I got sick with Covid, and I’m still as rough as a badger’s rear, with chronic exhaustion and a loss of taste/smell.”

“As the Delta version spreads like wildfire, several friends have recently contracted the virus, with varied degrees of severity.

“Among them is musician James Blunt, who contracted it shortly before he was scheduled to perform four UK gigs last week and had to fight an uphill battle to save them from being canceled.”

He described in full a conversation he had with the artist, who told him that the encounter was “worse than I expected.”

James admitted that he was “fine with the fever” until it spread to his lungs, affecting his breathing and leaving him unable to speak and feeling “fairly terrified.”

The musician had shows scheduled in Bournemouth, but the virus had a “serious defect.”

He told Piers, “It may have stopped my talking, but if I took enough steroids, inhalers, anti-inflammatories, and antacids in the hour before the gigs, then I could sing.”

The presenter continued to jest, “Obviously, I explained to James, the real fundamental defect in the virus is that it still allows him to sing.”

“However, hearing how varied the Covid experience is for many folks has been intriguing.

“In fact, the only negative side effect we both had was weight loss.”

“He’s lost 4kg and I’ve lost 2kg,” he added.

Piers earlier admitted to experiencing “waves of weariness” that he described as “shocking.”

According to the NHS website, the majority of individuals will recover completely in “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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