Piers Morgan heard from Sidney Poitier’s wife about a “terrible mistake” they made in their marriage.


Piers Morgan was informed by Sidney Poitier’s wife about a “terrible mistake” in their marriage.

Following the tragic news of Sir Sidney Poitier’s death, PIERS MORGAN recalled the moment Joanna Poitier, the legendary actor’s wife, confided in him about a “mistake” she had made during their marriage.

Following the tragic news of the Oscar-winning actor’s death at the age of 94 today, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to share his memories of meeting Sir Sidney Poitier and his wife Joanna Shimkus, 78.

As he paid tribute to Sidney and his “great Hollywood marriage,” the former Good Morning Britain host recalled chatting with the couple at Jackie Collins’ LA home a few years ago.

In light of his 7.9 million followers this evening, the star shared an excerpt from one of his Daily Mail Event columns from 2014, which detailed their meeting.

“Had the pleasure of meeting Sidney Poitier and his delightful wife Joanna at a dinner party at Jackie Collins’ LA home a few years ago, and they told me this lovely story which I wrote about in my Mail diary,” he wrote alongside the photo.

“It was one of Hollywood’s greatest marriages.”

Piers revealed in his column that he asked Canadian actress Joanna “What’s the best and worst thing about living with an icon?” when they first met.

Joanna then proceeded to give Piers a witty response, detailing the “terrible mistake” she had made that had negatively impacted their relationship.

“Well, the best part is that Sidney is just as nice, decent, and charming as you’d expect, which is why I’ve been with him for 48 years,” she joked.

“The worst part is that when we first started dating, I made a huge mistake by cooking him a fantastic meal.

“Every damn night for the last 48 years, I’ve had to cook him a really good meal!”

Piers continued, “I walked straight over to Sir Sidney to spill the beans on his other half’s biggest regret.”

“I told him Joanna’s big regret, and he burst out laughing,” he continued.

“‘That’s correct – after that first meal, I realized she was a fantastic cook and asked her to cook for me every night.’

Joanna exclaimed, ‘Requested?’

“‘More like demanded! Every night, I ask him what he wants from a menu that includes lobster, shrimp, turkey, chicken, and steak.”

Sidney decides on a course of action.

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