Piers Morgan has a number of different brands. In a scathing tweet criticizing “sly” celebs, David Walliams calls himself “the worst.”


Piers Morgan has a number of different brands. In a scathing tweet criticizing “sly” celebs, David Walliams calls himself “the worst.”

After a furious tweet about celebrities like ugly posts about him, PIERS MORGAN has dubbed Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams “the worst.”

Piers Morgan has claimed that seeing the tweets that other celebrities have liked online, particularly ones about him, is “fascinating.” Those who enjoy “nasty” posts, according to the former Good Morning Britain host, believe he will never find out about their “sly” activities.

The 56-year-old TV personality admitted that his successor on Britain’s Got Talent was a “primary culprit.”

“It’s always fascinating to watch high-profile people I know ‘liking’ obnoxious tweets about me… They’re probably hoping I won’t notice if they do it on the sly.

In light of his 7.9 million Twitter followers, he continued, “I always notice and file away for a rainy day.”

“David Walliams is the main suspect!”

(sic) answered one of the followers.

Piers concurred, “the very worst.”

Another user wondered, “Do these same folks come up to you at a party, all smiles, greeting you like a long-lost friend?”

“Yes, or worse, they beg me to do their podcast (in order to gain popularity) or something, telling me how amazing I am…

He continued, “Then I catch them ‘liking’ horrible tweets about me, displaying their true dishonest colors.”

Piers went on to reveal that he has a second list, which includes celebrities who appreciate “nice” posts about him.

“On the other hand, seeing which high-profile people ‘like’ favorable tweets about me is fascinating.

“They’re all noticed, and those people are put on a separate list.

He continued, “If this all sounds extremely Sicilian, that’s because it is.”


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When questioned by another social media user, the father-of-four went into greater detail.

“What makes you think that ‘high-profile people’ you ‘know pretty well’ would agree with anything you say? Why would you want to save anything for a rainy day?” They inquired.

Piers responded, “I don’t mind if they disagree; in fact, I like it.”

“I don’t mind their approving obnoxious little tweets if they’re all over me like a cheap rash when we meet, or if they ask for favors.

“Their betrayal is then put up for a rainy day when they don’t want me to repay the ‘support.’”

Piers just updated his health status on social media. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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