Piers Morgan defends China’s recent crackdown while criticizing “celebrity show-offs.”


Piers Morgan defends China’s recent crackdown while criticizing “celebrity show-offs.”

After learning about China’s recent assault on the entertainment industry, PIERS MORGAN lashed out at celebrities who prefer to flaunt their “money” and “extravagant pleasure.”

Piers Morgan, 56, never misses a chance to criticize his peers who, in his view, “show off” their wealth on social media. And he was more than impressed with China’s new crackdown on the entertainment industry when he heard about it.

I’m not a fan of celebrity brawlsPiers Morgan

The former Good Morning Britain host was overjoyed to learn that China’s Cyberspace Administration has imposed a social media restriction on celebrities “showing off affluence” or “extravagant pleasure.”

The host offered his own view after posting an article from the MailOnline on the crackdown, reiterating his dislike for affluent and famous boasters online.

He exhaled a sigh of relief and said, “Thank heavens.”

“I’m not a fan of celebrity brawls.”

Thank heavens for that. Celebrity brawls irritate me.

Both celebrity and fan-club accounts in China must “follow public order and good customs, adhere to correct public opinion orientation and value orientation, promote socialist core values, and maintain a healthy style and taste,” according to a statement released on Tuesday by the internet-regulatory agency.

Following the Chinese Communist Party’s crackdown on the country’s burgeoning entertainment industry, the announcement was made.

Officials want to fight celebrity scandals and internet fan clubs because they “create social instability,” according to them.

Celebrities are also prohibited from “spreading rumors, posting incorrect or private information, or pushing fan groups to verbally attack one other,” according to the notification issued this week.

It goes on to say that encouraging supporters to participate in “illegal fundraising or illogical investment” is prohibited.

However, Twitter users rushed to the comments section of Piers’ post to repost some of the TV star’s earlier endeavors that he has published on his own social media accounts, pointing out the absurdity of his statement.

“Says the man who tweets his photo with Ronaldo every two business days,” Kevrx responded.

Piers’ tweet from earlier this month, in which he took a photo of the British countryside on his journey back from New York while thanking British Airways for looking after him, was used by Irishoverseas1.

“I despise it as well…” he added, rolling his eyes.

Another user echoed the user’s sentiments, uploading photographs of the presenter’s fancy yacht that he had previously shared with his followers.

“How many,” Wilko201 added. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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