Piers Morgan claims his wife rejoiced when he was told to self-isolate as a “reason to keep you away.”


Piers Morgan claims his wife rejoiced when he was told to self-isolate as a “reason to keep you away.”

PIERS MORGAN has acknowledged that after his NHS app ordered him to self-isolate, his wife Celia Walden was more than pleased to keep her distance from him.

Piers Morgan, 55, has said that his 45-year-old wife Celia Walden has no “complaints” after being forced to keep a social distance from him.

After the NHS Test and Trace app alerted him that he had come into touch with someone who had coronavirus, the former Good Morning Britain host was compelled to cancel social obligations and sleep in his spare room.

Piers recounted how he had been looking forward to a number of social engagements in the previous month, including lunch with Dame Joan Collins and supper with Frank Lampard.

His plans, however, had to be postponed after his track and trace app alerted him.

“The app informed me that the ‘contact’ was established last Tuesday, therefore I’d have to isolate for 10 full days from then, which meant I’d be released at 11.59pm on Friday,” he explained.

“I wasted the next hour of my life canceling everything.

“‘How vexing!’ says the narrator. Dame Joan expressed her sympathy.

“‘Oh no!’ said Frank. ‘How insane are these times?’ says the narrator.

Piers was not authorized to know the location of COVID-19’s contact due to privacy concerns.

He had likewise experienced “no symptoms” and was completely inoculated against the virus.

Despite his displeasure with the timing of his self-isolation phase, his wife appeared to be content with the situation.

“I must sit inside for five days keeping social distance even from my wife Celia,” Piers added in his Daily Mail piece. She isn’t whining, mind you.

“‘At long last, there’s a legal justification to keep you away from me!’ Celia chuckled happily as she prepared the extra bedroom.”

Piers and Celia began dating in 2006, following his divorce from his first wife Marion Shalloe.

Piers was a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent when they married in Swinbrook, Oxfordshire, in 2010.

Celia has previously stated that she believes she is in charge of their relationship.

In May 2018, she answered to the issue of whether she wore the trousers by replying, “Uhh yes, I guess so!” on Good Morning Britain.

“I believe women are always quietly in command; I simply believe it is best to let men believe they are.”

Piers previously stated that he and Celia “rarely argue” at home, which his acquaintances find perplexing. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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