Pictures of a homeowner who saves £10,500 by creating her own walk-in wardrobes out of IKEA components.


Pictures of a homeowner who saves £10,500 by creating her own walk-in wardrobes out of IKEA components.

A HOUSEHOLDER has saved more than £10,500 by constructing her own walk-in wardrobes out of IKEA units. Megan Righelato spent only £1,000 to design her ideal wardrobe. Here’s how she went about it.

Megan Righelato, the owner of the Instagram account @megsathome, spent just £1,000 to transform a simple beige room in her home into a magnificent walk-in wardrobe. The cost of the makeover was £10,500 less than the cost of hiring a professional to design and build a walk-in wardrobe of the same size. Megan explained that she and her partner were looking for a low-cost way to make the wardrobes because they are remodeling the entire house and adding an extension next year.

“We spent around £1,000 creating our walk-in wardrobe and redecorating the bedroom,” she continued (excluding furniture).

“We were able to keep the costs down by doing everything ourselves, as labor is normally the most expensive component.”

They saved £800 by doing it themselves because the typical cost of a laborer is £200 per day.

A professional would take four days to complete, according to MattressNextDay.

The homeowners saved money by doing the work themselves over the course of six weekends.

Megan continued, “We both work full-time and could only devote our weekends to working on it.”

Megan claimed she obtained the majority of her guidance on how to make her own walk-in wardrobes from YouTube.

According to the pair, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Megan described the coving as “a bit of a nightmare,” so they turned to YouTube for assistance.

“By the end, I realized that it’s crucial to not be afraid of making errors and to understand that things always get worse before they get better,” she said.

“It felt like it was never-ending at times, but we are very thrilled with the finished result.”

IKEA has a lot of wonderful solutions for people who want to renovate their houses on a budget while still getting outstanding results.

The pair spent roughly £600 on IKEA PAX wardrobe units.

They decided to add beading to the drawer units to complement their traditional design.

The units were then painted in Crown’s “Satin White.”

“We added cup-shaped knobs to the wardrobes to make them look more expensive,” Megan explained.

The space has been furnished in a fashionable and high-quality manner employing a variety of approaches.

Megan paid £65 for the vinyl herringbone-effect floor. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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