‘Pick on the old man,’ says the narrator. Co-stars of Jay Blades ‘clash’ over a restoration project.


‘Pick on the old man,’ says the narrator. Co-stars of Jay Blades ‘clash’ over a restoration project.

Two of the cast members of JAY’S YORKSHIRE WORKSHOP recently had a joking feud over a restoration job, with Lee making fun of his age.

The BBC Two series by Jay Blades focuses on altruistic community individuals who deserve to be treated with a rehabilitation project. However, following a joke about his age, co-star Ciarán Braonáin and furniture craftsman Les ‘clash’ in a recent episode of Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop.

Les was seen drilling in an attempt to construct planters on either side of a bench seat throughout the program.

“It would effectively be a pretty floral part on the end but also armrest and somewhere to put a brew,” the 68-year-old informed viewers.

In the scene that followed, Les was interrupted by Ciarán, a professional furniture maker, who asked if he had completed the rebates.

Ciarán added, “You should do the rebates first,” to which Les smiled and responded “no.”

Les retorted, “Pick on the old man,” to which Ciarán humorously agreed, “certainly.”

Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop is a six-part series aimed towards highlighting the community’s selfless residents.

The locals gained the skills they needed to become master carpenters with the help of a team of six Yorkshire residents and three experts.

During this time, the group was making bespoke wooden furniture and other wooden crafts to give to community members who had selflessly aided their neighbors.

Les, a former Huddersfield building maintenance surveyor and joiner, joined the crew in search of a new “feeling of worth.”

This was spurred on by a heart ailment he had shortly after retiring, which he claimed “fueled” him to study faster.

Karen, the manager of the Anchor House Care Home, was nominated for a gift from the restoration project in this episode.

This was due to the fact that eight members of staff moved into the care facility for 56 days at the onset of the epidemic to safeguard their residents.

Thankfully, her unselfish effort paid off, and no infections resulted; as a result, Ciarán, Jay, and the rest of the crew collaborated to give her a 13-foot wide curved arbour for the care home’s yard.

On Jay Blade’s various TV shows, viewers are accustomed to seeing people overcome with emotion.

Customers on the BBC’s The Repair Shop are frequently moved to tears when he and his team successfully restore family antiques.

Fans also watched as Jack received his present. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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