‘Pick a destination and make a reservation’: Last year’s travel ‘nightmare’ may be over.


‘Choose a destination and make a reservation’: Last year’s travel ‘nightmare’ may be over.

HOLIDAYMAKERS who are debating whether or not to book their vacations should listen to Andrius Remeikis.

According to the travel expert, the pandemic’s “nightmare” may be over, with “no immediate threat” to travel.

Britons in need of a vacation will undoubtedly begin the year fantasizing about far-flung destinations.

Travel, on the other hand, remains largely uncertain, and vacationers may be tempted to book at the last minute.

“The ebbs and flows of the pandemic have been a nightmare for travellers,” Andrius Remeikis, Senior Business Development Manager at booking specialist and hospitality tech provider Profitroom, said.

“They risked having their hopes dashed at the last minute by new Covid restrictions if they booked early, or missing out due to high demand if they waited.”

With travel dreams dashed at the last minute in the previous two years, it makes sense for vacationers to be cautious in 2022.

“Unfortunately, holiday plans are very much reliant on Government guidance and the most recent case numbers,” Andrius continued.

“Christmas bookings, for example, appeared to be a fairly safe bet in late autumn last year, with most people banking on the vaccine rollout’s success to see hospitality through the winter.”

“However, the most recent variant put a stop to that, with many bookings being canceled and the industry reeling.

“Fortunately, there was no enforced lockdown, which meant that, for the most part, those who were confident enough could go ahead with their plans.”

“Based on the latest Government indications and with Omicron cases beginning to level out, it appears there’s no immediate threat of a lockdown now or indeed in the next few weeksmonths,” Andrius said.

This year, Britons should be more confident, and they may want to book ahead of time to avoid the “last-minute scramble” for a summer vacation.

“This year, the signs appear to be a lot more promising – which should give guests the confidence to book sooner,” Andrius said.

“The advantage is that there are deals to be had if guests are willing to take a chance – the earlier you book, the better the price.”

Andrius had some advice for bargain-hunting vacationers when it came to price.

“One important thing for vacationers to do,” he said.

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