Photos and Video of Naughty Prince William and Prince Harry Misbehaving When They Were Kids


With cameras everywhere these days and the spotlight on them it’s no surprise that we’ve seen photos of royal children when they aren’t on their best behavior.

Prince William and Prince Harry grew up in the limelight as well and got into mischief themselves. It’s even been reported that the Duke of Cambridge used to throw food across the table during tantrums at dinnertime. So what else did the princes get into when they were younger? Here are some photos and videos of them misbehaving while the cameras were on them.

Prince Harry acting up on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

One photo you might have seen that’s given people a laugh over the years is of a young Prince Harry sticking his tongue out while in Princess Diana’s arms on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The year was 1988 and even back then Harry proved he liked being the clown of the bunch as he stuck his tongue out at everyone during the Trooping the Colour. His mother, however, didn’t look too pleased with her son’s actions. But as we later learned, the Duke of Sussex enjoyed making silly faces when the media was around.

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Queen Elizabeth had to chase down Prince William

When he was 4 years old, Prince William was a pageboy in his Uncle Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding.

There are a couple of snapshots of William looking bored and yawning in church and another where he’s trying to chat during the ceremony. But it was after the nuptials took place when he almost gave the queen a heart attack and the monarch had to chase her grandson down.

As the Duke and Duchess of York pulled away in a carriage, the prince started running after it and apparently got too close. The queen was afraid he would get hurt so she quickly ran up to him, grabbed his hand, and brought him back to safety.

Prince Harry elbows Princess Beatrice

Prince Harry’s mother once had to scold him on the royal balcony after he almost got into a fistfight with Princess Beatrice.

As Fergie held her daughter, the little princess gave her cousin a playful nudge but Harry was having it and pushed her back with his elbow. At that point, Diana grabbed him and gently pulled him away as Beatrice tried to hit him back.

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In the Instagram clip, the Princess of Wales is then seen leaning down and whispering something to the future Duke of Sussex about his behavior.

Prince William tugging at the royal balcony decorations

Another moment on the balcony with one of the princes causing some mischief is when William was pulling on the balcony decorations.

Some of the future king’s other young relatives looked on. Princess Diana though didn’t catch her eldest son’s antics as she was holding a 9-month-old Harry and watching the Trooping the Colour ceremony.

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Prince Harry sticking his tongue out, again

Prince Harry was at it again sticking his tongue out at reporters from a car window in 1988 as he left the hospital following a visit after Princess Beatrice was born.

Years later many compared that moment to when Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue out at the press and noted that she must take after her Uncle Harry.


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