Phillip Schofield’s awkward moment with Christine Lampard: ‘I’m not going to do it anymore.’


Phillip Schofield’s awkward encounter with Christine Lampard: ‘I’m not going to do it anymore.’

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD has spoken about an awkward moment he had on-air with Christine Lampard.

Phillip Schofield, 59, has reflected on his skating dance routine with former co-host Christine Lampard, 42, and said he was “persuaded” to do it but would not do it again.

Phillip described how he and Christine prepared for the tense situation and how he thought they were “incredible” at first.

“I’m no longer going to do it,” he told the Daily Star.

“I’ve had my ice time.”

“I did the show with Christine [Lampard] when Holly was having babies.”

“Christine and I were persuaded to perform an ice routine.”

“We practiced, practiced, practiced,” Phillip continued.

“I thought we were incredible; we went out, and I could feel the wind whipping through my hair throughout the routine, and I thought to myself, ‘This is incredible.'”

Phillip realized he had his final “moment” on ice when he looked back on his performance.

“I watched it back and I had never seen anyone go so slowly,” he continued.

“And I thought to myself, ‘OK, that felt better than it looked; I’m not going to do it again.’

“It looks like I’ve had my ice time.”

Phillip recently admitted that the producers of Dancing On Ice have “banned” him from skating.

They were concerned that he might injure himself while attempting to ice skate, he said.

It came after a close call 15 years ago, when the show first aired.

“So I tried it, then I looked up and there were five suits standing on the lectern, and I thought, ‘That doesn’t look good,'” he told The Sun.

“They told me, ‘You’re not insured, you can’t skate, you have to leave.’

“I reasoned that if I take responsibility for myself, it will be no one’s fault if I trip and injure myself.”

But that didn’t stop the popular This Morning host from receiving a reprimand.

“So the next week, I went out again and got into proper, proper trouble,” Phillip continued.

“And with that, my ice skating career came to a close.”


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