Phillip Schofield mocks Holly Willoughby’s preference for Bradley Walsh, calling her “devastated.”


Phillip Schofield mocks Holly Willoughby’s preference for Bradley Walsh, calling her “devastated.”

Alex Jones and Ronan Keating of THE ONE SHOW invited Holly Willoughby to the BBC The One Show on Thursday evening to talk about her new show Take Off and her surprising new co-host.

When Holly Willoughby announced earlier this year that she would be co-hosting a new BBC game show without Phillip Schofield, she stunned viewers. On The One Show, Alex Jones and Ronan Keating sat down with the actress and she shared what it’s like to work with Bradley Walsh.

Holly joined Alex and Ronan on the podcast to talk about her new show with Bradley Walsh.

“She is quite well known as one half of a very famous duo, but she stunned everyone lately when she disclosed that she had a new presenting partner,” Ronan said when introducing her.

“Here she is, Holly, to explain herself!” Alex cracked a joke.

Fans were “not happy” with Holly appearing to be separated from Phillip for a time, according to Ronan.

“Wow, that happened quickly,” Alex commented after explaining that Phillip had emailed in a video of his reaction.

“You wake up for the summer and the next thing you know, you’re in love with someone else!”

“All right, it’s fine,” he said, causing Holly to burst out laughing. I’m certainly heartbroken, but I’d like the dog and the CD collection,” Phillip joked as he signed off.

The studio roared with laughter, and Holly said, “That’s incredible!”

“I wish I could claim I traded him in for a younger model, but Bradley Walsh isn’t one of them.”

Ronan challenged her, “Holly, say it ain’t so.”

The host of This Morning soon clarified, “It’s not occurring, no one is being traded in.”

“I have enough love in my heart for these two gentlemen, one from ITV and the other from the BBC.

Holly said, “It’s kind of great, I’m like the sandwich in the middle.”

Alex chuckled at the sight of Holly and Bradley on a conveyor belt in heels as a clip from their new show Take Off was shown.

“Normally, Bradley takes up the entire conveyor belt, so I was like, ‘Right, it’s my turn, I can do this in heels,’ and I was fine,” Holly explained.

Later, the actress remarked that working with co-star Bradley is more difficult than it appears.

“Most of my job on that show is really babysitting Bradley Walsh,” she said.

“He is essentially a law unto himself.”

“Working with him is a complete pleasure.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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