Phil Mitchell kills Kheerat Panesar in an EastEnders vengeance plot gone wrong?


Phil Mitchell kills Kheerat Panesar in an EastEnders vengeance plot gone wrong?

The Panesar family of EASTENDERS has been dealing with the tragedy of Jags Panesar, who was killed after Ben Mitchell ordered his jail protection to be terminated. Nobody knows, but it’s just a matter of time before it happens. Kheerat, who isn’t easily forgiven, will seek vengeance once he learns the truth – but what will come of it?

When young mobster Ben (Max Bowden) felt terrible, he confided in his husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay), but he persuaded him to keep quiet when Jags (Amar Adatia) died. But, as is customary for EastEnders characters, everything will eventually come out, and Ben will be in trouble. Jaz Singh Deol, who plays Jags in the BBC soap Kheerat, has hinted that he may be leaving the show. Is this a result of what happened to Jags? He’ll almost certainly seek vengeance on Ben, but with hardman Phil never far behind his son, he might intervene and go too far. Is it possible for Phil to assassinate Kheerat?

Jaz, 32, has hinted that his time on the show may be coming to an end.

“Passion for creating homes and building long-term wealth,” the actor wrote in the description of his new Instagram page, JHD Homes.

With frequent posts on his social media account, he appears to be serious about the new venture.

“My greatest weakness as an investor is my lack of expertise with refurbs, which is why working with @dugard property was such a win when it came to accepting this deal,” one caption read.

“Through this, I aim to study and grow until one day I may choose whether or not to flap my wings.”

He’s been keeping his followers up to date on the South Wales property, walking them through the process.

Is Kheerat’s exit from Walford sealed now that the actor has taken on other projects?

Kheerat was heartbroken when he learned of his brother’s death, and he was unable to attend the funeral.

Instead, he vented his frustrations on Ben’s assailants. Long ago, he was savagely battered by his ex-boyfriend Paul Coker.

Paul was killed in the homophobic attack, and one of his attackers was released from prison just a few years later.

Kheerat went after Callum, a police officer who had tracked down the information. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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