Pete Davidson Opens Up About Bob Saget’s Support During His Mental Health Struggles.


Pete Davidson Talks About How Bob Saget Helped Him Through His Mental Health Issues.

In the wake of Bob Saget’s untimely death, Pete Davidson wrote one of the most moving tributes to the actor yet.

Saget died on Sunday at the age of 65, with no known cause of death.

Davidson deviated from his usual social media abstinence to express his admiration for Saget.

Davidson did not post the tribute himself, instead writing it in his Notes app and sending a screenshot to comedian Dave Sirus, who did so on his behalf.

“Just wanted to let you guys know that Bob Saget was one of the nicest men on the planet,” it said.

He helped me through some difficult mental health issues when I was younger and several times throughout our friendship.

He spoke with my mother for hours, trying to assist me in any way he could, including putting us in touch with doctors and suggesting new things to try.

He’d check in on me to see if I was all right.”

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“I adore you, Bob, and it’s been a privilege to know you.”

Thank you so much for your friendship and kindness.

“Please accept my condolences to the family,” Davidson said.

The tweet has received thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets, with fans commenting on their own encounters with Davidson or Saget.

Davidson has never been ashamed of his mental illness or history of suicidal ideation.

He began his career in the entertainment industry when he was 19 years old, but it’s unclear when he met Saget.

According to IMDb, the two have no credits in common, but Davidson did make frequent appearances on stand-up comedy showcases such as Gotham Comedy Live, where he would have come into contact with older comedians.

When Saget died this weekend, he was 65 years old.

When he had not been heard from in a long time, police were dispatched to the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando, Florida.

He was discovered in his hotel room unresponsive and was pronounced dead on the spot.

So far, no signs of drugs or foul play have been found, but Saget’s cause of death has not been revealed.

Other celebrities have also paid tribute to Saget’s generosity with his time and attention.

During their darkest moments, friends described the comedian as thoughtful and forthcoming.

Saget is remembered by…

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