People who left conservative households reveal their incredible glow-ups.


Most people change and develop their style as they get older. But some who grew up in more conservative households had to suppress who they really were until they could move out and come into their own.

One TikTok user, @cherryemojigirl, posted a video full of old photos of herself looking “preppy” and “popular” in high school as she narrated and explained that growing up, she couldn’t be herself. She says that once she struck out on her own, she was able to express who she really was — dyed hair, long nails, tattoos, and all. Her video has amassed millions of views and likes, and it started a whole trend.

if you knew me in middle and high school, no you didn’t ❤️ feel free to use this audio ##gloup ##transformation

“Did anyone else grow up in a really conservative household, so you were never allowed to express yourself through your appearance?” she asks. “And somehow in middle school and high school you ended up getting roped into the popular, preppy friend group, so you just looked like a basic a– local for most of your life?

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it just wasn’t you, so the minute you graduated and went off on your own, you just… This. This happened. Just me? OK, cool.” At the pause, she shows herself now. Her hair is dyed red and black, her fingernails are long and painted neon green, and she has tattoos on her arms and clavicle.

It’s definitely a different look from the photos she showed before, in which she wore preppy clothes and her natural hair color. @Cherryemojigirl’s video evidently resonated with a ton of people, because soon, others were using her audio and placing pictures of their own “glow-up” transformation over it.

“I’ve never felt so seen by an audio before,” wrote TikTok user Mason Denver. Mason shared photos from his youth, where he had side-swept hair and looked to be a football player.

I’ve never felt so seen by an audio before.

But now, Mason has long, luxurious hair, cute overalls, and great makeup. It’s so heartwarming to see all these people finally being able to express who they really are.

One TikTok user who participated in the glow-up trend, Jay Burleigh, spoke to BuzzFeed about how much this she related to this story. The 24-year-old teacher… Brinkwire short summary.


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