Pensioners are dying before they get a chance to claim, according to a woman from the 1950s.


Pensioners are dying before they get a chance to claim, according to a woman from the 1950s.

Lowri Turner, a journalist, got into an argument with a Jeremy Vine caller about state pensions, as Rishi Sunak is pushed to remove the triple lock on pensions.

Lowri Turner, a journalist, has had a spat with Jeremy Vine caller Janice over state pensions, with the latter saying that retirees “die away” before receiving their pensions. The debate erupted as calculations projected that starting in April 2022, retirees may get a rise in their state pension.

Janice, a caller on Jeremy Vine’s show, said: “£176 isn’t a lot after you’ve worked your whole life.”

“And a significant number of these people do not receive their pension.

“They die before they receive it.”

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Lowri Turner, a journalist, then added, “I don’t think anyone would argue that the pension is generous, but I believe that Universal Credit, for example, is not generous either.”

“There are a lot of folks who are in dire straits.

“At the moment, I’m afraid, everyone, including retirees, has to share the suffering.

For people who achieved state pension age after April 2016, the new flat-rate state pension is £179.60 per week.

For those born before April 2016, the previous basic state pension is £137.60 per week.

According to predictions made in July of this year, pensioners will receive an 8% increase in their monthly payments starting in April 2022.

This is significantly higher than the rises recorded in the last decade under the triple lock.

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Ministers are obligated to increase the pension by the higher of wages, inflation, or 2.5 percent under the ‘triple lock.’

However, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) estimates that this would cost the government £3 billion more than previously estimated.

Due to the Covid Crisis, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has intimated that the government is willing to violate the triple lock, a Conservative platform promise limiting state pension rises.


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