Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart’s wife, ‘pulled the baby’s head out’ during the birth.


Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart’s wife, ‘pulled the baby’s head out’ during the birth.

On Friday’s episode of Loose Women, Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster remembered her experiences of labor, which involved pulling baby Aiden out by the skull.

Presenter on Loose Women Penny Lancaster and her rock star spouse Rod Stewart have two children. After an unsuccessful waterbirth for their first son, Alastair, she assured her fellow ITV guests that giving birth to their second kid, Aiden, was a little easier.

Loose Woman, I’m talking to you. Penny told Kaye Adams that she had to rescue her son out of the water during his birth.

“It was a more comfortable waterbirth the second time,” she recalled. “And I was the one who dragged Aiden out.” “Yourself?” Kaye inquired, as the other presenters exclaimed “wow.”

“The head had come out, it had exposed itself,” Penny added, nodding.

“So where were you at the time?” Kaye inquired.

She verified, “I’m in the water.” “With Rod by my side.” It was a big family affair; Alistair was there, as was Rod’s daughter Ruby, and my mother was recording.” Penny was thankfully joined by a doctor and her family, who were on hand to help her through the difficult surgery.

“So, Penny, the baby’s shoulders will come out on the next contraction,” the doctor remarked.

‘So, if you want to help your baby, just grasp him by the chin and the back of his head and go.’

Penny imitated Aiden’s delivery by letting out a “Pop!” and then placing him on her chest.

She said it was a lot simpler than giving birth to her first kid with Rod, which was a waterbirth.

She recalled, “The baby’s heartbeat slowed down.” “As a result, I had to flee.”



“The doctor told me to push as hard as I could because if I didn’t get it out, he’d have to perform a caesarean.”

Penny later admitted on the television that when her and husband Rod Stewart initially met, she didn’t inquire about his previous relationships.

“I’ve never read one of his books,” she admitted. “I also don’t want to know the specifics.”

“Things will naturally come out throughout the partnership.” We’ve been together for 22 years, so there’s a lot I’ve learned.

“But it’s not like sitting down and saying, ‘OK, I’ve got a list of questions and I’m not moving on until I know XYZ.’ The natural evolution appeals to me.” She, on the other hand. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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