Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart’s wife, on the difficulties of married musician “You Never Know.”


Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart’s wife, on the difficulties of married musician “You Never Know.”

Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart’s wife, has spoken out about an issue she and her husband face as a public figure spouse.

The ITV show broadcast a special episode on Monday in which veteran panelists sat down for a talk with some of the show’s newcomers. Penny Lancaster joined the Loose Women panel in 2014, and she sat down with Jane Moore to reflect on her experience on the show. Rod Stewart’s wife opened up about her marriage to the artist during the debate.

Penny remarked of her transition from guest to panelist, “I was incredibly honored to be asked and to have a more permanent role on the seats.”

“You could talk about anything, and you knew the viewers at home were people you could relate to, and they could relate to you because I was a mother.

“Just because I’m Rod Stewart’s wife doesn’t mean I don’t go through the same problems everyone else does on some level.”

Penny and Jane watched a footage of Rod on Loose Women with Penny discussing their IVF journey.

Alastair, born in 2005, and Aiden, born in 2011, are Penny and Rod’s two kids.

“You’ve spoken about your troubles with IVF, but Rob, we’ve never heard your side of the story,” Andrea McLean stated.

“Getting a male perspective on fertility and when you’re struggling is always interesting. “How did you find it?”

“Do you want me to tell you about it?” Rod retorted. “Because you understand what you need to do.”

“If you excuse the expression,” Andrea remarked, “we don’t really need the nuts and bolts.”

Penny noticed Rod’s “bad boy expression” while watching the video.

“Should I inform them of my sperm?” Penny said, “Tell them anything you want sweetheart,” to Rod’s question.

“Shall I mention, Penny, the process [to have Aiden]?” “I don’t know why he continues checking with me,” Rod stated in the video as Penny reacted.

Penny was mortified as Rod playedfully performed out the IVF process.

“We’re just one of those couples that share our affection behind closed doors as well as on the other side,” she stated in response to the previous interview.

“When you’re in the spotlight, you never know when you’ll get a private moment, so you just be yourself.”

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