Paul Merton’s slam was dubbed “arrogant.” ‘Thought she was Victoria Wood,’ says Ann Widdecombe.


Paul Merton’s slam was dubbed “arrogant.” ‘Thought she was Victoria Wood,’ says Ann Widdecombe.

Following an interview on the BBC’s Have I Got News For You (HIGNFY), PAUL MERTON took a scathing jab at Ann Widdecombe, claiming the former politician “felt she was Victoria Wood,” according to discovered accounts.

The 64-year-old comedian is demonstrating Britain’s new infatuation with staycations by taking viewers on a tour with his wife Suki Webster in a new Channel 5 show premiering tonight. Merton and Webster will travel around England and Wales in a 7.3-metre RollerTeam Pegaso 740 motorhome while motorhoming. Along the route, the two comedians will give tips on “vanlife,” show viewers inside some of the top motorhomes in the UK, and show off the gorgeous countryside they will pass through.

There will undoubtedly be disagreements, as there will with any partnership, and Paul is well-known for his blistering barbs, particularly directed at guests who have appeared on HIGNFY.

HIGNFY has been on the air for more than 30 years, and has included a variety of politicians, comedians, and performers as guests.

Several feuds have occurred throughout the years, including one involving Ann and Paul.

After whining that the “arrogant” former politician offered a series of jokes that weren’t humorous, the London-born entertainer dubbed Ann the worst guest presenter in the show’s history.

Paul recalled his memories of Ann’s initial appearance on the show as a guest, before returning as host for the second time, with fellow team captain Ian Hislop.

“My worst experience was when Ann Widdecombe hosted it for the second time,” he explained.

Ann – who has represented both the Conservative Party and the Brexit Party over her career – was plagued with anxieties on her debut in 2006, but her pals observed, “You were quite excellent on that.”

“The second time she gets on, she’s advising the producer what jokes will and won’t work,” Paul continued in 2018. ‘Come on, be amusing; that’s what you’re being paid for,’ she urged at one point to me.

“Even as I type it, I get a shiver down my spine! It’s like, you know, a woman’s arrogance? She suddenly believed she was Victoria Wood!”

Despite Paul’s comments, Ann had previously referred to both long-time team captains as “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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