Paul McCartney honors his mother Mary on her 65th birthday, 65 years after her death.


Paul McCartney honors his mother Mary on her 65th birthday, 65 years after her death.

Sir Paul McCartney, of the Beatles, has marked the 65th anniversary of his mother Mary McCartney’s death by celebrating her birthday.

Few musicians have ever achieved the heights of success that Sir Paul McCartney has. Sadly, his mother died when he was only 14 years old, long before The Beatles legend rose to renown. But now, on what would have been Mary McCartney’s 112th birthday, the celebrity has posted a photo to his Instagram page.

With his mother Mary, Sir Paul posted a snapshot of himself as a child in a swimming pool.

“Today is the anniversary of my darling mum’s birth,” the 79-year-old captioned the photo. Let’s get together and celebrate. ” – Paul Mary Patricia Mohin was born on September 29, 1909, and on April 5, 1941, she married Paul’s father, James McCartney.

Unfortunately, the star’s midwife mother died 65 years ago on October 31, 1956, from an embolism caused by a complication from breast cancer surgery.

Do you like to hear the latest music from your favorite artists? To listen to limitless music on Amazon Music, sign up for a free 30-day trial at this link. Paul McCartney (@paulmccartney) shared a post. Paul honored his mother this Mother’s Day by posting a photo of himself as a child in a doorway with his parents and younger brother Michael.

“Happy #MothersDay to all you mothers around the world with love.. you deserve it,” he wrote with the photo. – x Paul.” John Lennon’s mother Julia died when he was a teenager, when he was just 17 years old.

In 1958, she was struck and killed by a car operated by an off-duty police officer.

Paul McCartney (@paulmccartney) shared a post.

“One of the things that united [John and Paul] was the awful truth that they’d both lost their mothers as teenagers,” Geoff Lloyd, host of the new monthly Beatlejuice radio show, told This website.

“Of course, adolescent boys aren’t always the best at talking about their feelings, especially back then,” Paul says, “but there were times when they sat and cried together.”

Of course, in songs like John’s Mother and Julia, both Beatles would pay tribute to their late moms.

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