Paul Hollywood slams the door on the Bake Off star when he refuses to eat the meal ‘Leave it.’


PAUL HOLLYWOOD refused to eat The Great British Bake Off contestant Maggie’s sticky toffee pudding during Tuesday’s episode after burning it to a crisp.

Week four of the Great British Bake Off saw the remaining contestants put their skills to the test during dessert week. In the technical challenge, the contestants were asked to make four sticky toffee puddings with sticky toffee sauce, tuile triangles and a smooth crème anglaise. However, it proved to be too much for Maggie as she forgot to add a vital ingredient.

The contestants had 90 minutes to get their bakes together and create the perfect puddings for Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood.

When the contestants started the challenge, Maggie revealed: “I have never, ever made one, we’ll see how it goes.

“This may be (a case of) I never have before, maybe never, ever again,” she laughed.

With all the contestants struggling with the tuile’s and the sauce, Maggie had a bigger problem on her hands.

“I’ve got some butter and sugar in here, not sure if I need the flour, I have my doubts somehow, I’m just going to read the recipe again,” she explained.

Host Noel Fielding soon joined Maggie and said: “I’m going to write a number 11, push Paul into a ditch,” to which she laughed and mocked: “Anything will help!”

Continuing, he said: “Number 12, Maggie gets taken away by the police, now when they ask you about the recipe go, ‘What are these?’”

Getting distracted by Noel’s jokes, Maggie’s batter was far too runny but she continued with faith and put them in the oven.

Starting on her crème anglaise, Maggie exclaimed: “This is probably the only thing that’s right, and if I burn this, then I’m really stuffed.”

George asked Maggie: “You alright Maggie?” to which she worryingly responded: “Ha! I looked in the oven, I’ve just got little splodgy messes in the bottom.”

“It’s just sunk into a gluey mess, I must have left something out, but I don’t think I did, it’s all ticked off,” she exclaimed.

Coming to her aid, Giuseppe said: “On the other page, there is flour, there you go.”


Realising her mistake, she said: “Ah, right! That’s what I didn’t do, I knew there was something.”

However, she still plated up what she had managed to make.

Now on the table, it was time for. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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