Patton Oswalt performed motion capture for Pip the Troll in Eternals.


Patton Oswalt performed motion capture for Pip the Troll in Eternals.

Patton Oswalt wasn’t simply the voice of Pip the Troll in Chloe Zhao’s Eternals; he was also on-set acting out the part. Pip the Troll jumps out of a portal in the mid-credits scene in the latest Marvel Studios film to reveal Eros (Harry Styles), the popular cosmic creature better known as Starfox. We now know that practically every aspect of that scene was made using computer-generated imagery, with the exception of Oswalt and Styles being on set to act it out.

Visual effects supervisor who has been nominated for an Academy Award. Weta Digital’s Matt Aitken tells us that Oswalt was on the sound stage himself, acting everything out. In reality, the actor did everything on his knees to ensure that the Weta team got the correct height for Pip.

“We ended up replacing Patton Oswalt with Pip and the corridor,” Aitken explains, “since we needed to add all that interactive gateway light and lengthen it.” “However, if you’re staring at Eros, his face will be the face, but everything else in those photos is CG.” When we double-checked and asked if it meant Oswalt did the motion-capture, Aitken confirmed it—both that Oswalt was on set in person and that he’s a really nice man.

“He’s down on his knees, adjusting his head to the proper height. But, yes, he was present “Aitken continues. “He’s incredible. He’s fantastic.” When we spoke with Pip creator Jim Starlin earlier this month about Oswalt’s selection, he offered the actor his seal of approval.

Starlin said of Oswalt’s casting, “Oh, sure, I think he’s ideal for that.” “His voicing over M.O.D.O.K. in that cartoon series was hilarious. ‘Eh, it’s okay,’ I thought after watching the first one. Then I watched the second one, and I was hooked, laughing my head off for the rest of it.'” “Now, Patton’s always been a character actor, and I think his range is amazing, and I think his voice is simply wonderful for it,” he continued. Eternals is now in cinemas, while Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is available to see on Disney’s website (plus).

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