Patrick Grant joins the Brexit debate by launching an angry lorry driver rant against the government.


Patrick Grant joins the Brexit debate by launching an angry lorry driver rant against the government.

PATRICK GRANT has tweeted about the government’s intentions to provide lorry drivers temporary visas to encourage them to work in the UK. The fashion designer has expressed his displeasure with the government’s “arrogance” in attempting to entice foreign workers into the nation, as described by social media users.

On Twitter, Patrick Grant, 49, has become engrossed in the Brexit argument.

In the middle of the HGV driver shortage, one of his most recent posts features a little rant about EU lorry drivers.

We must abandon rapid fashion.

Grant, Patrick

The fashion designer’s post criticizes the UK government’s plan to provide lorry drivers temporary visas in order to draw them to the country.

“What makes us believe that EU lorry drivers will leave their stable well-paid employment, leave their friends and family, and relocate to Britain for a job they’ll lose in three months?” remarked the Great British Sewing Bee judge.

The judge tweeted and received a few heated comments due to his 65,300 followers.

The majority of social media users in the comments, on the other hand, agreed with Patrick’s perspective on the lorry situation.

“I’m going to say blind arrogance, conceit, andamp; the hangover of an empirical superiority complex,” @Missymusician81 said.

“For the same reason, we thought it would be fine if we messed around with the EU during the Brexit negotiations.”

“It’s for the same reason why our covid deaths have been so gruesome. Take a look at the leaders.” @Click Write also stated that the UK government is “criminally corrupt” and “inept,” and that anyone remaining in the country is “desperate,” echoing the fashion designer’s sentiments.

Patrick has also spoken out in political debates where fashion plays a significant role.

“We need to renounce rapid fashion – new stuff we don’t need pollutes the world,” he said in another recent tweet.

In a quote tweet, he said that consumers should buy less, buy better, and buy local.

Patrick has also created a “fashionable farming” enterprise in which he basically grows his own garments.

Homegrown Homespun is the name of the initiative.

The initiative attempts to revitalize Blackburn’s textile sector by producing linen clothing locally, which includes both cultivating flax and sewing garments.

“With Homegrown Homespun, the goal is to restore the entire supply chain,” Patrick explains. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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