Patch notes for Fortnite Superman, include a new Clark Kent skin, challenges, and the Prop-ifier.


Patch notes for Fortnite Superman, include a new Clark Kent skin, challenges, and the Prop-ifier.

Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, have released a surprising new update, which includes the addition of the prop gun to Battle Royale.

Epic Games has released a surprise new update for Fortnite, which adds fresh content to the game.

The most recent Fortnite update adds a whole new weapon, the Superman skin, as well as a few gameplay improvements.

Even better, the most recent patch did not necessitate any server downtime.

Epic Games confirmed the announcement on Twitter, along with information about the new weapon.

“Alert! Breaking News!” An Epic tweet reads, “We have grounds to suspect the Aliens are now disguising themselves as common objects.”

“This resurrected ‘Prop-ifier’ looks to be a new type of prop impersonation technology.”

When utilizing the gun, players will see a holographic representation of their Prop options, according to an Epic Games blog post. Players must be cautious of glitching out and betraying their location after transforming into an object.

Players may now earn the Superman skin by completing special challenges in addition to the new Prop-ifier.

Back bling, sprays, emotes, and more are all available alongside the Superman skin. The patch notes and Superman challenges may be found further down the page.

• New prop-ifier weaponry have been added to the game.

– When you use a Prop-ifier, a holographic display of your Prop options will appear.

Select the Prop you wish to be, then turn it on! You’ll be able to walk around as a Prop, but if you want to be really sly, you can choose to stay put.

However, you won’t be completely safe from prying eyes. After you’ve settled in, you’ll experience occasional glitches, similar to old TV static. (It can’t be perfect because it’s simply a prop.)

What are the best places to look for Prop-ifiers? They can be discovered in the Mothership, on top of Abductors, and in chests.

• Superman’s quests and rewards

The Superman Quests – and their prizes – are now available as part of the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass.

You’ll even cooperate alongside Armored Batman and Beast Boy to figure out who stole Clark Kent’s memory in the Quests.

It’s worth noting that Battle Stars aren’t required to obtain the rewards.

• The Aliens have continued to make the Island their home, with Alien Nanites becoming more readily available from the ground.

• Prop. “Brinkwire Summary News” was released last week.


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