Patch notes for Fortnite 17.30, the GRABI-TRON weapon, Suicide Squad leaks, and Ariana Grande.


Patch notes for Fortnite 17.30, the GRABI-TRON weapon, Suicide Squad leaks, and Ariana Grande.

Epic Games pulls FORTNITE offline for server maintenance with version 17.30, which is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

Shiina, a Fortnite dataminer, has learned more about the Suicide Squad content.

According to a Fortnite insider, each member of the Suicide Squad will have their own spray, implying that skins are also on the way.

According to a Shiina tweet, “each Suicide Squad member on the sprays also has a unique codename, implying that they will also receive skins.”

Bloodsport, Harley Quinn, Polka Dot Man, Peacemaker, and King Shark are all members of the Suicide Squad.

As part of version 17.30, Fortnite is unavailable due to server maintenance.

Epic Games shared the news along with plans to determine when the server outage will end later this morning.

“In preparation for the v17.30 release, we’re starting to stop services, with server downtime starting soon. We’ll let you know when the downtime is over! Fans have found details of a new LTM, as well as Suicide Squad goodies, after the update files hit the Fortnite servers.

Players can hop about with no fall damage when using the Super Knockback LTM. To heal yourself, you’ll have to emote, and you’ll have to look for special surprises in supply drops.

In the Hypex tweet below, you can see some of the Suicide Squad sprays.

Fans of Fortnite Battle Royale are eagerly anticipating the arrival of version 17.30.

Epic Games is back with a bang after a brief hiatus at the start of the summer, delivering update after update for consoles, PC, and mobile.

On the morning of August 3, the new update will be released alongside a period of server downtime.

At 6.30 a.m. BST UK time, the servers will be pulled offline. At 7 a.m., the game will completely shut down.

While the server maintenance has no set finish date, fans should expect the game to be back online by 10 a.m. BST at the very latest.

NEW COSMETICS ARE AVAILABLE! The GRABI-TRON weapon will be introduced in the forthcoming update, according to an Epic teaser on Twitter.

Epic tweeted, “Get ready to catch the latest update we’re pushing.” “Fortnite v17.30 will be released on August 3rd. Services will be disabled to prepare for the upgrade, which will begin at 9 a.m. In addition to the GRABI-TRON weapon, Epic will lay the groundwork for the Ariana Grande concert at 01:30 a.m. ET (05:30 a.m. UTC).” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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