Pat warns Meech to get his booty on time in the third episode of ‘Black Mafia Family.’


The pressure’s on for Demetrius as everyone around him seems like oncoming trouble as the danger gets more real on ‘Black Mafia Family’

‘Black Mafia Family’ is set to drop its third episode and it looks like everyone is evolving. The Starz drama has held a steady pace so far but it needs to heat up the game fast. The upcoming episode  “Love All, Trust Few” may just give us the thrill we need.

‘Black Mafia Family’ follows the awe-inspiring story of two brothers from the dumps of Detroit, who rise to be kings. We get a look at the journey of Demetrius ‘Meech’ Flenory (Demetrius Flenory Jr) and his brother Terry Flenory (Da’Vinchi) as they go from small-time dealing to running a full-blown organization that will make the world take notice. Episode 2 of the series saw Terry survive a bullet to the head as everything starts going south for the Flenorys. Here’s what’s to come in Episode 3

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The second episode saw messes being made with Meech’s gang losing some of the product and also being forced to move it to another hiding place as their den had been compromised. Meech’s father is set to kick him out as he is scared for the rest of the family. With all of this weighing on Demetrius, we see things about to get even more hectic.

“Love All, Trust Few” sees Meech being threatened by his supplier/boss Pat (Wood Harris) who says,” This is your alarm clock, if I don’t get my loot in 6 days, it’s gonna ring”. Uh oh looks like Meech is in hot water right now. We see Meech narrate ‘the foundation of our relationship is trust, if you don’t trust the one you’re with they become a threat’ as we see Kato(Ajiona Alexus) being cornered and threatened by Lamar (Eric Kofi Abrefa). Terry meanwhile is standing up for himself when he tells Meech firmly he’s going to rule with an iron fist.

Mama Flenory- Lucille (Michole Briana White ) is also up to some trouble when she tells Meech to keep mum about something as we later see the father Charles (Russell Hornsby) question Lucille about how long she’s known as she looks on guiltily. We also see Detective Bryant (Steve Harris ) who always seems to sort of look out for the Flenory boys confronted about it by his partner. S**t is going down and Meech is starting to get a clear picture about everyone.


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