Pastor Swift, played by Snoop Dogg, steals the show in Episode 3 of ‘Black Mafia Family.’


Pastor Swift, played by Snoop Dogg, steals the show in Episode 3 of ‘Black Mafia Family.’

As we witness the Flenory family frightened and seeking Holy intervention, Meech comes up with strategies to improve sales.

As the show progresses, fans of ‘Black Mafia Family’ are finally starting to see their hopes satisfied. ‘BMF’ tells the story of Demetrius ‘Meech’ Flenory (Demetrius Flenory Jr) and Terry Flenory (DaVinchi), two bonded brothers who rise to the top of the drug industry as kings thanks to their intelligence and vision.

The Starz drama had a slow start in prior episodes, with a perplexing tempo of events. Things haven’t gone as planned, with Meech’s brother Terry taking the worst of it with a head shot, but he lives. As we observe Lamar (Eric Kofi Abrefa) hide and operate in the shadows like a predator stalking his prey, their father kicks Meech out. Demetrius needs to come up with a plan and fast. Here’s what fans had to say about the series’ third episode.

‘Black Mafia Family’ Episode 2: Lamar is murdering people, and stunned admirers are calling him ‘loco.”Black Mafia Family’ Episode 1 Review: The mantra is “see it, touch it, get it.” The third episode, ‘Love All, Trust Few,’ showed us how close the Flenory brothers have been since they were children. Meech is currently on the clock as Pat (Wood Harris) threatens him with not receiving his money on time. Meech appears to be terrified within as he sees a dead Jay-Mo (Holmes Lindsay IV) in the automobile. Pastor Swift (Snoop Dogg) visited the Flenory family to bless them and pray for their protection. Swift is a witty character that adds a lot of humor to the show. The 12th St Boyz are suspicious since Jay-Mo has been missing for days and Filmel (Markice Moore) is nearly dead. Meanwhile, suspicions about Terry’s shooter and his vehicle grow as a new drug-fighting force is formed. Meech is known as the “man with a vision” for a reason: he ingeniously devises a method of distributing their product and obtaining quick cash. Meanwhile, Lamar continues to terrify Filmel by threatening him. Terry has had it with being second fiddle and declares his determination to govern with an iron fist. On the home front, Charles discovers that Meech paid their mortgage without Lucille’s (Michole Briana White) knowledge, sparking a quarrel while Terry watches helplessly. Here’s how the public reacted.

“@bmfstarz really had @SnoopDogg playing a Reverend,” a fan said. Whatever position Snoop plays, he’ll always exude that slick pimp vibe #BMF.” “Not that 50 cent made Snoop Dogg,” another spectator commented. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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