Passengers should never clean during Covid, according to a flight attendant.


Passengers should never clean during Covid, according to a flight attendant.

DURING THE COVID PANDEMIC, A FLIGHT ATTENDANT has shared several typical activities that passengers should avoid as much as possible in order to lower their risk of contracting the virus.

While airlines do their best to keep planes clean and disinfected, they remain a tight place where physical separation is not observed. Passengers should always do and avoid at all costs certain things while traveling, according to cabin crew.

Dan Air, a flight attendant, has offered some advice on how customers might prevent catching Covid on the plane at all times during their voyage.

“The first thing I’d recommend is paying attention to your cabin personnel. If we ask you to put on your mask, please do so.

“If we tell you to maintain the aisles free, do so.

“Just do it if we advise you to stay seated and avoid moving around as much as possible in the cabin,” he said.

“Believe us when we say we’re not asking you to do these things to make you angry.

“We’re doing it because it’s part of our job to keep you safe onboard.”

“And whether you think COVID is a scam or not, whether you agree with wearing masks or not.

“Regardless, we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, and we all need to work together to get through this,” he explained.

Despite the fact that airlines have implemented new procedures that include airplane disinfection, travelers should avoid contacting any surfaces as much as possible.

This includes the seat pockets, which the cabin crew claims are frequently missed.

Seat pockets are “cleared of trash but never ‘cleaned,’” meaning they are contaminated with bacteria.

Passengers frequently leave everything in the seat pockets, including empty bottles and tissues, therefore it is critical to avoid touching this area.

While boarding a plane, flight attendant Kat Kamalani explained her number one sanitation rule: “never eat any beverage.”

“Rule No. 1: Never ingest any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle,” she explained.

“Because those water tanks are never cleaned,” says the narrator.

Passengers should instead bring their own bottle and fill it after passing through security.

The flight attendant advised not getting or buying hot drinks before boarding the plane and transferring them to a thermal bottle.

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