Passengers queue for “five hours” at Heathrow Airport, with “no social distancing.”


Passengers queue for “five hours” at Heathrow Airport, with “no social distancing.”

Passengers at Heathrow Airport allege they waited up to “five hours” to reach passport check. Others claimed there was little social separation.

Some passengers at Heathrow Airport went to social media to express their dissatisfaction. They claimed they had been waiting for hours with no social distance between them and the people around them.

As travel restrictions loosen, more Britons are flocking to airports in the hopes of taking a vacation.

Some stated there was little social distance, thus images from Heathrow Airport were posted on social media.

“@HeathrowAirport deplaning a #britishairways US Plane,” one Twitter user remarked (amber list).

“Squeezing everyone onto a teeny-tiny bus and refuses to leave until all 50 of us have boarded.”

“How does it impact the reputation of this airport and this country when international arrivals (including the elderly and children) endure five hours in the immigration queue in a badly ventilated environment with no social distancing, food facilities, or even seating?” said another.

“Waiting times at the border have on occasion been intolerable, and we have called on the UK Government to rectify the problem as soon as possible,” Heathrow Airport said on Twitter.

“Only UK GOV officials, not airport workers, can operate immigration desks/E-gates.”

“Unfortunately, we are unable to give information in respect to immigration queue times on behalf of UK Border Force, who run and manage our immigration halls,” it stated in answer to a question about waiting periods.

Another passenger said that they, too, were stuck in huge lines.

They claimed that lineups were more difficult for some persons than for others.

“Currently in a large family-friendly crowd-queue at @HeathrowAirport passport control,” the message stated.

“Non-families passing through, and in the meantime, this is shaping up to be a super spreader event: hordes of maskless children, little ventilation, everyone crammed together, plenty of coughing.”


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