Passengers on cruise ships are ‘amazed’ by how ‘inconsiderate’ they can be – ‘hogs!’


‘Amazed’ by how ‘inconsiderate’ passengers can be – ‘hogs!’ say cruise passengers.

CRUISE vacations typically allow guests to unwind and relax.

They may, however, be unable to avoid “inconsiderate” individuals.

There will always be a few bad apples on a cruise with thousands of people.

Other visitors, however, are irritated by one thing.

“As an early riser, I was always amazed at the inconsiderate people in the main pool sections who would’save’ chairs at the pool and not return for hours,” Reddit user’mrtrumbo’ asked cruise passengers.

“However, because it’s all about them, they don’t give a damn about anyone else on the ship.”

“Has anyone ever been on a ship where the pool chair policy was strictly enforced, or where your belongings were simply picked up and placed in storage until you returned?”

As many guests shared their own experiences, chair ‘hogs’ appeared to be a common occurrence on cruise vacations.

“I prefer seats in the shade, which always seem to be held by towels,” one person said.

“Once, after sitting in a sunny chair for over an hour, I moved someone’s towel from a chair.

“The people sitting next to me became enraged and claimed that their relative was sitting there.”

“That’s fine,” I said, “I’ll move when they return.”

Their relative had not yet returned four hours after I had left.”

“If I haven’t seen anyone at a chair for an hour, I ask a crew member to remove the towel and then take a seat,” said another.

“I did it myself in order for others to join us.”

Simply take the towel to a towel dispenser and drop it in.

Leave it to the towel hoarder to deal with.

“I’ve only ever had one person show up and appear to have a nervous breakdown in front of their friends, but they were a long way away from me.

“I was sleeping and apparently missed the drama, but my chair neighbor, who confirmed the chair had been empty for several hours, laughed heartily about it.”

According to one guest, crew members were reluctant to deal with chair hogs.

“On my last cruise, there were no open seats,” they explained.

When I asked the staff if they could take away some towels, they said it would upset the guests when they returned.”

Another stated that visitors were required to do so.

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